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Donate perishable food items to these 6 places in the Mobile area

Mobile County Master Gardener Carol Dorsey was asked for locations that will accept donations of fresh produce. This listing is from a FB post dated January 18, 2022. Best to call before you deliver your fresh produce.

Personal note- Wings has gratefully received fresh produce grown at Strickland and Taylor Park gardens. I have called ahead to make sure they are able to receive. Greens, green beans, okra, and cherry tomatoes were their favs.

Haywood’s Hope accepts foods that can be given directly to Mobile’s homeless population. The best way to see if a donation can be used by the charity is to reach out to them on their Facebook.

Note- Produce that requires cooking may not be the best fit.

Note- call or message on FB to see if they can receive.

One Meal Mobile is a local nonprofit that distributes boxes of food to those with food insecurity every week.

They accept perishable food donations including produce and meats in addition to monetary donations.

Note- They serve the north Mobile County area as a pantry and feed the homeless downtown on Sundays

They accept donations of fresh fruit, veggies and meats, but can only accept these donations in small quantities due to storage restrictions. Our best recommendation is to call and see if they can accept the size of your donation.

The Food Pantry at Central promotes attitudes of love and respect for all while providing healthy meals for the less fortunate.

They provide a balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and grains in every bag they hand out. Donations can include food or monetary contributions.

Note- Donations can be made on Mondays since volunteers are putting together boxes for Tuesday distribution. When we share fresh produce, they gratefully receive it even when it seems a paltry amount when there is service to sometimes 750 families

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