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"Grow More, Give More" Underway in Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Nobody said gardening was easy.

"I guess the hardest part is probably digging up the weeds... That's been the hardest part really," said Jamare Martin, St. Paul's Senior. Seniors from St. Paul's Episcopal School -- teamed up with Mobile Urban Growers and the Mobile County Master Gardeners for their annual Senior Work Day.

Master gardener Carol Dorsey led the team of students at Prichard's community garden.

"They come in... They work and they want to learn. They are fully engaged and we are really grateful for it," said Dorsey.

"I've already learned a good bit from her -- she told us how it works and how to aerate it and things like that," said Parker Langan, St. Paul's Senior.

Across town -- work was also underway at Mobile's Taylor Park. An additional 25 students -- were busy at works. They had two push lawnmowers going as others watered and laid out the soil and fertilizer. "It's horse manure. We use grass clippings, and if you add brown and green material together -- maybe some kitchen compost - you might put in there... And that makes a beautiful soil... It grows great things," said Pat Hall, Mobile Urban Growers.

Watch the “Grow More, Give More” story about Mobile Urban Growers, with Mobile County Master Gardener Carol Dorsey by clicking on this link:

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