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Plant of the Month: Begonias

By Carol Williams

Over a thousand species of plants, each with its own color and texture of flowers, leaves, and growth habit, define the genus Begonia. Begonias bloom every shade of pink as well as shades of red, white, and even orange. Leaves range from shiny brilliant green angel-wing shaped to dark, fuzzy maroon star-shaped with yellow highlights. Classifications include smaller wax varieties, 12-inch-tall angel-wing hybrids, tuberous begonias with rose-like blooms, and hardy begonias that return yearly to fill your garden. Some begonias will grow well in direct sun all day while others require morning sun and evening shade. No need to fuss over them, as begonias bloom where they are planted!

For more specific information, see Clemson's factsheet: Begonia | Home & Garden Information Center


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