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Plant of the Month- Camellia

In the winter when most flowering plants are dormant, camellia blooms brighten up the landscape. Camellias begin to bring color to the landscape staring in November and continuing to March and April. The blooms vary in size from 2” in diameter to more than 5” in diameter.

There are six identified flower forms. Camellia blooms range in color from white to dark red with all shades in between. Some cultivars will have multiple colors like red and white. Camellias are native to China, Japan, and parts of Asia. There are about 42 species of camellias. C. japonica and C. Sasanqua are two of the most common species found in the Mobile area. If you drink tea, you are using the leaves of C. sinensis to make it.

Camellias are grown along the west coast of the USA and from southeast Texas to Delaware including in states on the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on the cultivar, camellias can grow in semi-shade areas to full sun.

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