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Plant of the Month- Okra

Want a tall burgundy accented plant with showy flowers loved by pollinators and is edible?

Look no further than Abelmoschus esculentus aka red Burgundy Okra. A Southern classic, okra comes from northern Africa. This red version was developed at Clemson University and introduced in 1983. This variety of okra produces long, slender, burgundy pods that stay tender longer than some other varieties like “Clemson Spineless.” The pods turn green when cooked and taste like okra! Related to cotton and hibiscus plants, okra requires warm weather, full sun, slightly acidic soil (pH 5.6-6.8) amended with organic material, and adequate water. Since okra is susceptible to nematodes, annual crop rotation is important. As we re-envision our gardening spaces try adding burgundy okra to your summertime edible landscape.

- Carol Dorsey

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