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Plant of the Month- Soft Caress Mahonia

Finally, a Mahonia that does not make you bleed for loving it! Soft Caress is blooming right now in my garden in Saraland. It wants to be given some space, as it is not just upright but wide also. It grows to about 3.5 inches tall and about that wide. The blooms are cheerful, a bright golden yellow on upright stalks. Bees are flocking to it for the extra nectar they need before winter sets in. The leaves are fine, rather like a bamboo leaf and a gorgeous green. It needs some shade, so I’ve planted mine facing north in front of my front porch where they get good norming light. I have never had to give them extra water or do anything to them at all in fact. They are exactly the kind of plant that you want, not pokey, blooms beautifully, nothing to maintain and a good plant for pollinators. They make a good hedge, a standalone plant, and even thrive in a large pot. Gotta get you some of these!

- Mary Jo Broussard

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